Albany-Leesburg real estate market ’hot’ during pandemic

Albany-Leesburg real estate market “hot” during pandemic

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Not many things are booming during an international pandemic but apparently the Albany-Leesburg area real estate market is.

“It’s more of a seller’s market then I’ve ever seen,” said Callie Walker, a real estate broker with Hughey & Neuman.

Callie Walker
Callie Walker (Source: WALB)

“Listing homes and selling them quickly, so the real estate market is really hot. We’ve been really busy for the last few months. We didn’t slow down very much during the pandemic,” said Leigh Windham, who is a broker with RE/MAX of Albany.

Leigh Windham
Leigh Windham (Source: WALB)

The only impact COVID-19 has had on the market recently is on closings, according to Windham.

“Some of our closings have been delayed a little bit because when the pandemic started and courthouses had to shut down for a little while,” Windham explained.

According to Walker and Windham, the pandemic had an impact on the housing market when it first came to Georgia, but not so much now.

They said buyers and sellers are getting more comfortable with people going in and out of their homes.

They also said mortgage rates are low but so is the supply on housing.

Walker said some buyers still may have some concerns about listing their house during the pandemic, thus causing the drop in the supply of homes.

“If you’re in the market to buy, you can get a mortgage but you have to find a house and that’s the hard part,” said Walker.

Walker and Windham said realtors, buyers and sellers are wearing masks, using hand sanitizer and other safety protocols when looking at or showing homes. Which is helping everyone move forward right now during these unique times.

Walker said they haven’t seen a huge increase in home values. However, buyer confidence is up.

While Windham said a lot of buyers are shopping for larger homes with pools.

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