Parents raise concerns about masks not being mandatory in Crisp Co. schools

Parents raise concerns about masks not being mandatory in Crisp Co. schools

CORDELE, Ga. (WALB) - Parents of students in the Crisp County School System are raising concerns and asking officials why they are not mandating masks on everyone inside the schools.

That was one of the questions asked during the school system’s forum Wednesday, to answer people’s concerns about their handling of resuming face-to-face classes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virtual and in-person classes began on Aug. 10.

Crisp County offered students the choice between in-person classes or virtual lessons.

On Wednesday, officials with the school system hosted a forum that allowed parents, family members of students and the community to ask questions they had for Crisp County School leaders.

Around a dozen questions were asked but at least two people asked why students were not required to wear masks.

“You guys have the ability to not make that an option. You can say, you can’t come to school if you don’t have a mask,” said one parent at the meeting.

“Teenagers may not know what’s best for them. That’s why there are adults,” said another woman at the forum.

“Specifically, some medical conditions that prevent that (wearing a mask). So even if it was mandated, there still would be some children, some adults, that will not have one on because they physically can not breathe with them,” responded school officials.

School leaders said they strongly encourage students to wear masks.

Another question asked at the forum was why at-home school lunches don’t have instructions on them.

School officials responded and said all school lunches are fully cooked. The food just needs to be reheated but because each item needs different cooking directions, they can’t provide a general microwave timing for all.

A tutor in the audience asked how can parents with multiple students function properly with only one device in the house.

School officials answered and said all Crisp County students had the option to receive Chromebooks if needed. The school district also invested in technology that allows students to do school work on a cell phone.

One man asked when will football season begin.

School leaders said football season will start soon but with social distancing and limited seating in the bleachers.

General public tickets are going to be hard to come by as the limited tickets will go to parents and family of students on the field.

Wednesday night’s forum was held at the Crisp County Middle School auditorium.

School leaders said that right now, there are several confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Three of them are students and two are employees.

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