Ga. State Superintendent visits Tift County Schools

Ga. State Superintendent visits Tift County Schools

TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) -School districts across the state are trying to figure out what comes next as students head back to school.

During these uncertain times, Tift County Schools said they’re making sure staff and students stay safe. The state superintendent said he’s proud of all the changes the school implemented.

State Superintendent, Richard Woods.
State Superintendent, Richard Woods. (Source: WALB)

“You know, recognizing the good things that are going on, visiting schools to say you know, there are silver linings,” said Richard Woods, State Superintendent. “As we travel throughout the state to meet the needs.”

Georgia's top educator is sending his support and urging continued safety protocols as schools across the state start classes for the new academic year.

“I think what we have to understand is COVID-19 is not stopped at the school doors, I mean it comes in with us,” said Woods.

Superintendent Woods also addressed parents’ growing concerns over the return to the classroom, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We respect our parents when they are making their decision. These are their children, our goal is to say that if you have made that choice,” said Woods. “You know how can we support learning, we don’t want any child to be left behind.”

Woods visited classrooms during instruction
Woods visited classrooms during instruction (Source: WALB)

Many parents also expressed concerns about hallway transitions and class changes as many students at Paulding High School were seen crowded around one another heading to class.

“It was unfortunate, but I think that we have to look at that there are going to be some bumps and ups and downs,” said Woods. “We have to be adult enough to know if we did something let’s be adult enough to correct it.”

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