Albany Technical College welcomes students for fall semester

Updated: Aug. 20, 2020 at 4:33 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - For the students returning to Albany Technical College this fall semester, things will look different from the very second they pull onto campus.

“Oh, you know, you pull up in the line, and they check your temperature, and you get a little sticker that allows you to get on campus. So they know you’ve been checked. When you see people with a sticker, you know they’ve been checked, and you don’t need to worry that ‘Oh, this person might be sick.’ So it’s a good thing,” said Jarvis Cody, a returning carpentry student.

Students and staff must have their temperatures checked before they are allowed on campus.
Students and staff must have their temperatures checked before they are allowed on campus.(WALB)

His studies are just one of the many hands-on programs that require him to spend time on campus.

“Of our more than 50 programs, I believe there are about 15 that can be offered 100% online. Others require a hybrid format, where you do your coursework online, do your preparations for the lab online, but you will come to the lab. The labs will be set up with social distancing and students will be given a time of day to come so it will not be as if they are all here at 1 time,” said Dr. Anthony Parker, President of Albany Technical College.

Dr. Parker said that this semester’s enrollment sits at about 80 percent of what it was this time last year.

However, for students who were not sure about starting college during a pandemic, there will be other opportunities later in the semester for enrollment.

“We have divided our semester into two mini semesters. One that starts today, and another that starts in early October. That means that we will have students that will be able to enter as returning or new students and be able to register for classes in October that would go up to our Christmas break,” said Dr. Parker.

But for those students who did return on Thursday, despite the uncertainties of COVID-19, Cody hopes they will continue practicing the protocols that the college has implemented already.

“Keep your mask on, keep your hands cleans, and stay of people’s face still. I think that’s good,” said Cody.

Enrollment for the October start date beings Thursday.

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