Some VCS students to log on virtually for the new school year

Updated: Aug. 18, 2020 at 6:40 PM EDT
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VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - Valdosta City Schools recently approved their final reopening plans.

Superintendent Dr. William Todd Cason said about 44 percent of students in the district will take virtual classes, but that amount can decrease.

Cason said the cut off period to join virtual classes has passed, but those who change their mind from virtual to in-person can make the switch. The district plans to have meetings with parents in different grade levels who chose virtual for their child and explain what will be expected from them as a learning coach.

”We want to be flexible but we also want to educate our parents as best as possible of the virtual option because right now, some may think that’s their best option but once we have our meetings with parents and wants they can ask more questions, they may realize this might not be the best option for my child and choose to move those children back to a face to face model,” said Cason.

Students without a computer at home can borrow a Chromebook from their school.

The district will buy Wi-Fi hotspots for their buildings.

The concept for virtual classes will be slightly different depending on the grade levels.

For kindergarten through fifth grade, there will be a specific teacher focused on virtual.

For middle school, every teacher will have a virtual separate class.

High school teachers will have virtual and in-person students in the same roster and it will be a live instruction in real-time. Regular attendance is expected.

Elementary and middle school students are required to remain until the end of a grading period.

High school students are required to remain until the end of the semester.

Lunch will be provided for virtual students, the district is currently planning method of delivery.

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