Deerfield-Windsor resumes face-to-face classes for new school year

Updated: Aug. 18, 2020 at 5:28 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - For the Deerfield Windsor Knights, class is back in session.

“We were extremely happy to open the doors last Thursday and get back to face-to-face instruction. On both campuses, things have gone very well,” Allen Lowe, head of school, said.

While some kids have been back for in-person learning, others are learning from home this semester.

Lowe said the pandemic has not severely impacted enrollment numbers.

“We have had a slight drop is all. But it has picked up and we feel good about where we are. However, we do understand the uncertainty in everybody’s minds, and we look forward to having some other people come back and join us down the line,” said Lowe.

Head of School, Allen Lowe, says the pandemic has not severely impacted enrollment for this...
Head of School, Allen Lowe, says the pandemic has not severely impacted enrollment for this semester.(WALB)

Despite the uncertainty, Deerfield parent Brandie Fickle said her family was determined to return to face-to-face classes this fall.

“Of course, you have fear, I mean, this is awful, and you worry about if the environment is going to be the nurturing place my kids are used to. But my kids were adamant that they were going back to school. There was never a question with them,” said Fickle.

The school implemented new protocols to combat COVID-19, such as increased sanitation during the school day. There are staggered locker schedules to cut down on congregating in the hallways.

Fickle said she believes unless students comply with protocols in place during and after school, the current extracurriculars and face-to-face learning opportunities may be in jeopardy later.

“I definitely think that we should encourage our children to practice these protocols at home. Just because these people are working so hard every day and if we just go and do these activities and don’t continue it, we are kind of undoing all of the things they have been trying to do. We don’t want to be sitting back home behind a computer again. We want to be out in the community and having some normalcy for life,” said Fickle.

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