Terrell Co. Charter Schools encourage parents to complete survey

Published: Aug. 14, 2020 at 10:15 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Terrell County Charter Schools Superintendent Douglas Bell said not every child learns the same way — and during a time of so many uncertainties, he said the school system is giving parents the option to choose how their kids will learn this fall.

“We do have two options that we are offering. One is a hybrid option and one is a full virtual option. For those children who will be on the hybrid option, we have divided our children into green and gold teams. Green team, comes to school on Monday and Wednesday, gold team comes on Tuesday and Thursday, and Fridays are all virtual,” explained Bell.

Bell said that parents were able to choose between the hybrid or online learning options in a survey that was sent out weeks ago. However, he said they haven’t gotten responses from every parent in the school system.

Melissa Marshall, a Terrell County Charter Schools parent, said that this survey is an opportunity for the parents’ voices to be heard and for the school to finalize their reopening plans.

“We must complete the survey, we must submit registration forms so they will know the total count to keep our kids a safe distance apart in the cafeteria, school buses and classrooms. It is a must that we do all of the above,” said Marshall.

Rising senior Cal’Miraka Hicks said that she knew from the time the survey was released the type of learning she would choose for herself.

“Well, I know what type of learner I am. I feel like maybe I will do better with the hybrid, coming to school and staying six feet apart. I do good with online classes, but I would rather be able to see the teacher and say, ‘Hey, I have a question.’ So, that’s how I chose hybrid,” said Hicks.

And whether you choose the hybrid option or the virtual option, Marshall said that there is no need to fear what’s to come.

“You know, with continued prayer and precautions, we’ll be fine. I really believe that. There’s no need to constantly fear. Just be cautious, wash your hands, sanitize, keep your mask on. Prayer and precautions. I’m excited for all that’s coming up,” said Marshall.

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