‘He never ran a fever, he never coughed’: Wife details experience after losing husband to COVID-19

Wife speaks out after husband dies from Covid-19 in Lowndes County

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - The wife of the second youngest person to die in Lowndes County from COVID-19 said he had no underlying health conditions.

Katrina Hogan Crumpton said she and her husband, Cedrick Crumpton Sr., had plans and goals set, and that the last thing she had on her mind was that the coronavirus would hit home.

Katrina and Cedrick Crumpton Sr.
Katrina and Cedrick Crumpton Sr. (Source: FACEBOOK)

“And to think, they were not even going to test him in the beginning. So, it bothers me when people don’t take this serious,” said Katrina.

Emotions take over Katrina as she now clings to the memory of Cedrick.

After five years of marriage, 42-year-old Cedrick, a father of eight, lost his battle to COVID-19.

“He was the life of the party and we don’t have that anymore,” said Katrina.

Katrina said it all started on July 1. They were making plans for the July 4 holiday. She said it was a normal day, he went to work. However, he started vomiting in the middle of the night.

Katrina said she was aware of the virus and symptoms but just thought he had a stomach bug. The next morning, they went to South Georgia Medical Center (SGMC) to get tested.

She said the hospital refused at first due to lack of symptoms, but they were able to eventually get tested.

SGMC policy requires a person to show symptoms to be tested.

“He never ran a fever, he never coughed, he never did any of that. I got worried because as the days went by, he got sicker, but it was never a cough, it was never anything you hear about on the news,” explained Katrina.

She said the results should’ve been in after two days, but the lab was having issues. Katrina said the hospital recommended retesting that Sunday. However, the next day, she said Cedrick collapsed.

“It bothers me when they don’t understand that, they did or they didn’t have underlying issues because my husband didn’t either, and he is not here today,” said Katrina.

Katrina said she was hesitant at first fearing the hospital wouldn’t let her be with him when she didn’t want to leave him alone.

Cedrick ended up testing positive and never left the hospital.

“I had no idea I would be sitting here at 43 and be a widow right now,” Katrina said.

She said Cedrick was put on oxygen and then showed signs of pneumonia.

On July 17, she said the hospital called and said Cedrick had aspirated and permanent damage was done.

“They said they put him on ICU and he was going on the ventilator and he never came off. On July 17, he passed,” reflected Katrina.

Katrina said that the community has been very supportive and has sent customized gifts.

“The whole time I kept saying, ‘He is coming home, he is coming home.’ Now we have to figure out life without him,” said Katrina.

Katrina said she was able to say her goodbyes in person and will continue with the life plans she had with Cedrick because that’s what he would’ve wanted.

She also said the only one other person in the house to get sick was her daughter who had mild symptoms.

Katrina and Cedrick Crumpton Sr.
Katrina and Cedrick Crumpton Sr. (Source: FACEBOOK)

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