Students move in and classes begin at ASU

Students move in and classes begin at ASU
The Scene at Sand Hill (Source: Davis Companies)

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - On Monday, Albany State University students returned to class and some moved into their new home for the semester.

Some students started moving into The Scene at Sand Hill last Wednesday.

Developers said they are almost at full capacity, but they are still rooms available.

They also said that COVID-19 hasn’t slowed down those from moving in.

The company that built the apartment complex was Davis Companies.

“There’s been minimal impact. I will say that students are excited about being back on campus, they’re excited about being with their friends,” said Matthew Davis, the founder of Davis Companies.

Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis (Source: WALB)

Davis said there are 216 rooms inside the three-story, three-building facility.

He said about 200 students have moved in for the fall semester.

The project broke ground last year with many local leaders in attendance.

CLARIFICATION: On Wednesday, Albany State University said the university is not a affiliated with the apartment complex. ASU students are the target tenants, however, the complex is owned by a private company.

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