Colquitt Co. Packers locked in for the 2020 season

Colquitt Co. Packers locked in for the 2020 season

MOULTRIE, Ga. (WALB) - The Colquitt County Packers have made 11-straight playoff appearances, winning it all twice during that time.

Last year they said they fell short, losing in the second round.

This season they said they’re blocking out the noise and focusing on defending the black and gold threads.

Second-year Head Coach, Justin Rogers said, “Right now, the goal’s to play football.”

Junior Tight End, Ontavious Carolina, said, ”We ready, that’s all I gotta say. We ready. We going on all the way. It what we work for every day, every week.”

Senior defensive end, Zy Brockington, is one of five returning starters on the Packers' defense.

To go all the way and make it to the finals, he knows he’ll have to step up to the plate.

“The players, the seniors, the team just have to take over the team. The coaches can do all they can but you know it depends on the players,” said Brockington.

“We’ve got great guys, we’ve got some young guys, some inexperienced guys, but they’re solid as a rock. They come out here and work with great effort and attitude and positive optimism. You couldn’t ask for a better group,” said Rogers.

Combining the lack of experience and the limited time they have to get ready due to COVID-19 Rogers told me the first half of the regular season is crucial.

He said that’s where they’ll need to make up for lost time... to be ready come region play.

Rogers told me they won’t have another 2nd round third-quarter performance this season.

“We just had a bad third quarter, and when you hit the playoffs in 7A you can’t have bad quarters. We understand the importance of finishing things and understanding that you can’t have those bad days or bad moments and that’s what cost us last year,” said Rogers.

Rogers told me they’re excited to be back and to have some sense of normalcy at practice.

“I know our boys are excited to be back playing with each other and having everyone back together, forming those bonds and comradery. So, we’re just holding on hope that September fourth comes around we can play,” said Rogers.

“It feels great. Those three months that we’ve been out we lost a lot of work. But being back with my brothers is very exciting,” said Brockington.

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