U.S. Attorney promotes film on gun crimes and young people

Judges and prosecutors have produced the film

U.S. Attorney promotes film on gun crimes and young people
United States Attorney Charlie Peeler wants all Georgia elementary and middle school kids to see 'Armed with Knowledge' (Source: WALB)

MACON, Ga. (WALB) - Gun crimes are being committed more often by young people, according to the U.S. Attorney of Middle Georgia, who has helped produce an educational campaign to prevent kids from making bad decisions.  

Saying they have seen too many young people sentenced to long prison sentences for gun crimes, judges and prosecutors have produced a  film to inform young people of the severe consequences of illegal gun possession.

The film’s trailer goes ”Can you help me? Unfortunately no I can’t.  The law says even if you are a kid, you can still go to prison.  And be treated like an adult.  And that’s what is happening to you.”

The film Armed With Knowledge portrays Noah, a preteen boy that ends up making a bad decision, leading to prison for illegal firearm possession.  United States District Judge Marc Treadwell worked with the Peyton Anderson Foundation to make the film in Georgia. 

Now the United States Attorney For the Middle District of Georgia, Charlie Peeler, wants all Georgia elementary and middle school kids to see the film. Peeler said, “With the hope that it will educate our young people about just the life-altering consequences that can result from picking up an illegal firearm.”

Illegal Gun crimes have added penalties, even for kids, as the courts crackdown on violent crimes.  The organizers of this campaign want to let kids know just because they are young, they can still face long prison sentences if they pick up an illegal gun.

Peeler said “It’s dangerous in terms of the victims of gun violence.  It’s dangerous in terms of the person who has the gun. Because they could very well spend the majority of their adult life in federal prison, where there is no parole.”

Peeler hopes that schools, teachers, and church groups will show “Armed with Knowledge” to their young people, and start a discussion. Because more young people are becoming involved with guns and crime, making bad decisions before they know the stark consequences they could face. 

Questions for the Peyton Anderson Foundation can be directed to Jessica Walden at jw@jessicawalden.com or (478) 361-6998.

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