Parents of Lee Co. athletes protesting school’s handling of COVID-19 cases within sports

Parents of Lee Co. athletes protesting school’s handling of COVID-19 cases within sports

LEESBURG, Ga. (WALB) - Parents of Lee County High School athletes are pushing for answers after the suspension of varsity football practice due to Coronavirus positive cases.

Many claiming there’s a lack of consistency regarding how the school deals with COVID-19.

Vanessa Washington, a parent of a Trojans football player said, “We can’t freak out every time. We can’t do that.”

Superintendent Doctor Jason Miller said, “We just need to be prepared to adapt, the situation is fluid and the guidelines are changing.”

Washington helped lead Thursday’s protest.

The start of the 2020 season is under a month away.

She said there needs to be a way to make decisions that don’t unnecessarily impact the whole team.

“These kids have been shut down since March. You’re limiting what they can do, where they can go. Everybody is panicking. We now realize that, ‘Hey, it’s not going anywhere. We have to adapt to it,‘” said Washington.

Dr. Miller said he understands their frustration, but benching varsity football practice until mid-August is in the best interest of the program.

“My position as the school superintendent, I’m responsible for our 6,500 students and 900 employees. So, sometimes these decisions aren’t easy. But we have to do what we think is in the best interest of everyone’s health and safety,” said Miller.

Washington told me the kids need to return to their sport... despite the constant threat of the coronavirus.

”Let’s get this going. It’s not going to be the same normal that we had before. But it’s some kind of consistency so that our kids can get back out,” said Washington.

Miller continued: “We, all sports and extracurricular activities, whether it’s band or softball or football, we want to see those things come back as a part of our lives. And it’s something that’s very important to our students.”

Dr. Miller told me decisions about practices are still under review.

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