Dougherty Co. purchases fumigation machines

Dougherty Co. purchases fumigation machines

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Dougherty County leaders will be reimbursed for some of their recent COVID-19 equipment purchases, including purchasing special sanitation technology.

Within the Government Center’s walls, a new type of sanitation machine is at work, all thanks to recent state funding.

Dougherty County Administrator Michael McCoy said the governor’s office recently awarded smaller governments more money to fight COVID-19. McCoy said this allows the county to be reimbursed for some recent purchases, like the new fumigation machines.

“When the CARES Act was approved, local governments under 500,000 people did get a direct CARES act allocation. The governor’s office was lobbied, and the governor approved using $1.2 or $1.4 billion to allocate to local governments,” McCoy said.

Dougherty county’s facilities management team oversees the sanitation process at frequently-touched spots within the Government Center.

The fumigation machine is being put to use in the Government Center in Downtown Albany.
The fumigation machine is being put to use in the Government Center in Downtown Albany. (Source: WALB)

Leaders said these new machines will make their current operations much easier.

“We use a peroxide cleaner and a gallon jug. It’s already mixed up, so we don’t have to mix it with water,” said Dejuane Woolbright, Dougherty County Facilities Management janitorial supervisor. “We pour it in the machine, and from there, we turn it on and it goes at it.”

The machines will also benefit those who frequent the building and keep employees and residents safe from COVID-19 germs.

“With the sanitizing of the building, we do that every day, at least two times, sometimes three times a day. Every day. We don’t take any breaks from that,” Woolbright said.

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