Update: Lee Co. football practices suspended until mid-August

Update: Lee Co. football practices suspended until mid-August
Lee County varsity practiced suspended after players test positive for COVID-19 (Source: WALB)

LEESBURG, Ga. (WALB) - Varsity football practice for the Lee County Trojans have been suspended until mid-August, according to Athletic Director Hank Wright.

Practices for the varsity squad has been suspended until Aug. 17.

Wright said this decision was made after getting recommendations from the health department.

This comes after two players tested positive for the coronavirus, according to school officials.

Wright said all players who were in “close contact” with those that tested positive are quarantining.

On Monday, Wright told WALB that ninth grade practice is separate from the other practices. Wright said ninth grade practices will resume Wednesday. Those practices happen at night, Wright said.

Wright said they have a strong plan in place to keep players safe, so no changes will be made once practice resumes.

Wright said they also urge all players to make smart choices outside of practice.

”I educate the coaches and they in turn educate the kids on making wise decisions. You know, and don’t put yourself in situations where you’re in close contact with others for extended periods of time. And yes, that is discussed with the players and for the most part, they’ve done a great job with it,” said Wright.

Said Wright: “The kids, they’re very disappointed because they were going to put on pads today and they were looking forward to that, to taking the next step with the practices. And they’re very disappointed, we’ve got some very upset parents and upset kids. But, we feel this is what we need to do at this time.”

Wright said they are being cautious.

This frustration has continued to grow since Monday when the initial two-day suspension was put in place.

Wright told WALB Tuesday he understands their frustration.

”I certainly understand it, you know, I’m frustrated as well. There are not many absolutes right now. That’s why the parents are frustrated, they want to know why they can’t participate. And those are questions we’ve asked as well at times,” said Wright.

Several parents told WALB they’re planning a protest for Friday, Aug. 7 to challenge the school board’s decision to halt practice.

Wright continued: “We feel like this is what we need to do to slow the spread, we can do this right now. We’re hoping doing this now will enable us to continue later on. We’d rather shut down now as opposed to when the season gets started.”

Wright said due to this two-week hiatus players will have to go through an acclimation period before they can jump into padding practice and full contact.

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