Dougherty Co. first responders give ‘hot car’ safety tips

Dougherty Co. first responders give ‘hot car’ safety tips

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - As summer temperatures climb, so do the number of calls about kids in hot cars.

Dougherty County EMS recently responded to a call from a parent, who said their child and their keys, were accidentally locked in their car.

EMS Director Sam Allen said the parent’s quick thinking had life-saving impacts.

“The temperature outside was about 91 degrees, the heat index was 102 at that point. The EMS supervisor arrived on scene, immediately assessed the situation and the decision was made to break the glass,” said Allen.

This summer alone, Dougherty County EMS responded to three hot car calls.

Dougherty county EMS has responded to three hot car calls this summer.
Dougherty county EMS has responded to three hot car calls this summer. (Source: walb)

Lt. David McVey, with the Dougherty County Police Department, said these calls are typical during hot seasons and could carry serious consequences.

“During the investigation, if that we find that you were negligent, you will be charged. And they are serious charges, felonies, cruelty to children all the way up to felony murder,” McVey said.

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If you notice a child in a hot car, McVey said you can take immediate action until first responders arrive.

“If the child is not responsive, and not breathing, then under the ‘Good Samaritan’ law of Georgia, they can easily break the window and try to help the child. But we encourage them to call 911 first,” said McVey.

During a global pandemic, parents are more distracted than ever and Allen said you can keep things straight, while keeping your kid safe, as well.

“Because of everything going on now with COVID-19, people are thinking about getting their masks, and hand sanitizer, they’re in a thousand different places,” Allen said. “But you’ve got to have something there to trigger you, whether the child is in there, you’re looking back there to ensure that you don’t leave that child in there. So, whatever you’ve got to do to alter your normal pattern can make the difference between life and death.”

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