My Senior: Josh Griffis

My Senior: Josh Griffis

HOMERVILLE, Ga. (WALB) - Our senior of the day comes from Clinch County High School.

Josh Griffis has been a part of the panthers varsity baseball team for the past three years.

Earning two pitcher of the year awards.

The Panthers found the elite eight twice in that time.

Griffis said they were just hitting their stride when the season got called off because of the Pandemic.

“We were actually starting to get really hot. It was our last game, we ended up beating one of our rivals 10 to nothing in five innings,” said Griffis. “So, everything was starting to come together, we all started hitting home runs, and it was getting hot, and getting to the best part of the year. But, I really wish we could’ve just finished those last couple of games.”

Griffis told me he believes they could’ve made another deep playoff run this year.

“I honestly didn’t think it was going to be the last time I ever played. But, I was looking forward to other rival games like Irwin and Charleton, just big atmospheres like that,” said Griffis. “Those games are always fun for me. It was, I guess, kind of heartbreaking because I feel like it would’ve been well worth it if we actually got to that point.”

In Griffis’ junior season he hit his first-ever home run.

It wasn’t a solo homer, it was a grand slam!

So, that explains why it’s his favorite memory.

He's attended Georgia Military College in the fall to pursue a degree in business.

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