Downtown Thomasville remains ‘resilient’ through COVID-19

Downtown Thomasville remains ‘resilient’ through COVID-19

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WALB) - Many businesses in Downtown Thomasville were hit hard due to the pandemic, but they’re all back open for business.

Proud of the community and small businesses, Main Street Program Director April Norton said “we’ve remained resilient.”

“And I’m so excited and thrilled to say that in our downtown, we are open for business. We have not had any permanent closures,” she added.

Norton said their success is mainly from the community’s support of small businesses.

Now, they're already looking into the next year.

“It’s our 100th celebration of our Rose Show and Festival. This is an event that has been a couple of years into planning,” said Norton.

April Norton, Main Street Program Director
April Norton, Main Street Program Director (Source: WALB)

Norton said they’re looking for people to add to the creative experience during this event.

“We are looking for artists to paint circle signs that we will have displayed throughout the downtown,” said Norton.

This is the first time they’ll be bringing these signs to the Rose Show, but she said they’ll remain part of future festivals.

They’re also hoping to bring back one of Thomasville’s most exciting events.

“We are following the governor’s orders for specials events, so while we don’t have an August First Friday Sip and Stroll, we are very hopeful to continue the lineup that we have in place from September through December,” said Norton.

Through their reopening of downtown and future plans ahead, Norton and Ronnie Godwin, Godwin Jewelers owner, both agree that the community’s support is great.

Ronnie Godwin, Owner of Godwin Jewelers.
Ronnie Godwin, Owner of Godwin Jewelers. (Source: WALB)

“It was incredible how when we were re-open, people flocked back in for different things or just checked on us, ‘hey, glad to see you’re open,’ and it’s continuing now. Our customers have been great. Fantastic,” said Godwin.

Said Norton: “What I’ve seen is that our community is continuing to support our small businesses. We are so grateful for that, our small businesses are grateful for that, and we know that through this pandemic, we’re only coming out stronger.”

If you’d like to submit your artwork for next year’s Rose Show and Festival, the deadline is August 31.

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