Thomasville YMCA putting safety first in phased reopening plan

Thomasville YMCA putting safety first in phased reopening plan

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WALB) - The Thomasville-Thomas County YMCA is one week into its third phase of reopening.

“It’s gone well so far. The numbers restrictions for camps have allowed us to operate the camps safely,” said CEO Tom Everett.

Everett said they’ve had zero issues of safety or reports COVID-19 spreading since starting their summer camps in May.

The Y began their third phase of reopening on July 6.

“We’ve restarted a few additional exercise classes. We added some gymnastic camps. We’ve reopened the Butler-Mason Youth Center,” said Everett.

The Butler-Mason YMCA in Thomasville.
The Butler-Mason YMCA in Thomasville. (Source: WALB)

Everett said the basketball gym will likely be the last to open up, but each phase has gone well so far.

Moving forward, Everett said they aren’t rushing into the next phase, but will make sure they can operate safely before expanding.

“It takes a commitment from your staff, from the members that we serve. It takes a commitment on everybody’s part to buy into safety and keeping one another safe,” said Everett.

He said for the most part, they’ve received a lot of support as they continue to reopen their doors to members.

“Working parents still have to provide for their families, so a place like the YMCA is particularly important so that parents can continue to work and support families. It’s our job to keep kids safe when we have them in our care,” Everett said.

Tom Everett, CEO YMCA
Tom Everett, CEO YMCA (Source: WALB)

Everett said they’re also making plans to have an after school program this year.

“We’re going to be a place in the community that when kids are not in school, that we can provide some safe programs and outlets for kids to continue to grow and be safe while they’re doing it,” said Everett.

For anyone who isn’t quite ready to go back to the YMCA in-person, Everett pointed out, they are continuing their Facebook lives for certain exercise classes.

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