My Senior: Emmy Hayes

My Senior: Emmy Hayes

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WALB) - Our senior of the day comes from Thomasville High School.

Emmy Hayes has been a part of the Bulldogs competitive cheer team for the past four years.

“The community, that was probably my favorite part, all the friends that come out of cheer. All the girls there and coaches, there’s so much love there. You’re always entertained. And then you have a front-row seat to all the games with your best friends, so it was a fun time and I enjoyed it a lot,” said Hayes.

Hayes told me she feels fortunate to have cheered in her last high school football game.

“Football kind of missed the whole Coronavirus dilemma, so we did get to have our last game, which was very emotional. Saying goodbye to everyone and it clicked it was our last game. I was satisfied with our last game because I’ve been doing it for four years and it was good to be there for one last one,” said Hayes.

She'll attend the University of Georgia in fall and major in digital media.

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