Grady Co. Schools gets over $1 million literacy grant

Grady Co. Schools gets over $1 million literacy grant

CAIRO, Ga. (WALB) - Grady County Schools received a more than $1 million literacy grant that will continue to provide that sum for five years.

Assistant Superintendent Janet Walden said the school system received the LFGA literacy grant in June.

She said they’re one of 23 school systems to receive it.

Walden said the goal of the grant is to make sure students are reading on or above grade level.

The funds will go toward each school’s literacy plan, which involves a variety of educational items supporting reading instruction.

Washington Middle School.
Washington Middle School. (Source: WALB)

”From reading assessments to books, trainings for teachers, some equipment programs and software programs,” Walden said. “A literate society has choices, so it’s important that our children have choices in their future whether they want to go to a trade school, or college, or if they want to go straight into the workforce.”

Walden said the system will receive around $1.1 million each year for the next five years.

She said this grant supports their work to make sure they have a community that can read and write well.

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