Valdosta, Lowndes Co. transportation plan open for public review

Valdosta, Lowndes Co. transportation plan open for public review

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - The public comment period started for Valdosta and Lowndes County’s transportation plan.

Vision2045 plans show recommendations for different projects around the county and city. The goal of the project is to help with efficiency and safety.

“We look at congestion, we look at different aspects concerning like sidewalks, bike lanes,” said Amy Martin, regional planner for Southern Georgia Regional Commission.

Southern Georgia Regional Commission is in charge of transportation planning in different areas, including highways, public transit, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, and more.

The current plan, Vision2045, took 24 months to plot. It is the end product of research, data collected and recommendations from the public on what they want to see built in the area.

“It’s very important because looking out into 2045. Of course, things like congestion are gonna go up. So we have to look at ways to make the commute better, easier and faster, whether that is adding additional lanes, maybe adding a center turn lane. Just different things we can use to address issues that we have,” said Martin.

Some projects in the plan include the South Valdosta Truck Bypass, which will help stop freight traffic from downtown Valdosta. Projects like the widening of Cherry Creek and Skipper Bridge roads, among others. Lucas Richardson Road and Orr Road Extensions are planned to create an additional east-west connection in north Lowndes County.

The Ppan also includes bicycle and pedestrian improvements, as well as funding planned for future public transit operations in Valdosta and rural public transit in the surrounding areas.

“Next step is for our committees here to approve and adopt these plans,” said Martin

The transportation plan is updated every five years to reflect the needs of the community.

The public comment period to review the entire document and give final recommendations started July 1 and goes until July 31.

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