Thomasville stresses importance of 2020 census

Thomasville stresses importance of 2020 census

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WALB) - Leaders in Thomasville and Thomas County are urging everyone to be counted in this year’s census.

“Thomas County has had a 55.5 percent response rate. Thomasville City has a 59.4 percent,” said Thomasville Public Outreach Manager Sherri Nix.

She said while they’ve come a long way, they still have a long way to go.

She said in the wake of COVID-19, it’s even more crucial for everyone to be counted this year than in past years.

“It’s going to be especially important that programs like family services and education and food assistance. Think about how many people have lost their jobs. There’s going to be some people that have long-lasting health impacts,” explained Nix.

Each person in Georgia is equal to $2,300 in funding for the next 10 years.

“If all of our citizens signed up, that would be like $102 million dollars for the county. And again, it’s going to be more important than ever that we get every bit of money that we can,” said Nix.

Sherri Nix, Public Outreach Manager
Sherri Nix, Public Outreach Manager (Source: WALB)

Nix said even if you haven’t received a form in the mail, it only takes about five minutes to sign up online at

“The information that you provide for the census is completely confidential. It can’t be shared with any other organization. The census would never ask you for your social security number or your political affiliation or ask you for credit card information, so if you get that type of call then just please be aware that’s not a call from the census,” Nix said.

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