Dougherty Co. district attorney addresses concerns about gang violence

Dougherty Co. district attorney addresses concerns about gang violence

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The Dougherty County district attorney is speaking out on gang violence in Albany.

District Attorney Greg Edwards is asking the community to speak out when they see crimes happening in their neighborhood, in order to stop the violence in the county.

Edwards said he is very concerned about the number of violent crimes happening in Albany. Especially gun violence, that for the most part, involves teenagers and young adults.

“Of course the case most recently that involved gang violence here in Dougherty County was the death of Jaylin Stanford,” said Edwards.

Edwards said something has to be done to stop the deadly crimes in the community. Back in May, the 16-year-old was killed and several others were wounded in a drive-by shooting in Albany.

The case resulted in the police looking for several teens in connection to Stanford’s death.

“In this instance, this allegation with multiple persons involved in these particular instances driving, riding together, planning together, acting together, that is what we have and we will have them identified and brought to justice,” said Edwards.

Over the weekend, over 23 people were shot in Atlanta, including an 8-year-old girl that killed according to Atlanta Crime Stoppers.

Edwards said no matter how big or small the city is, they are seeing an increase in crime right here in Albany. He said Dougherty County residents are asked to speak up and report crimes as they happen.

“Just like the death in Atlanta, where a child was killed, the community was exposed to much gun violence during this instance where Jaylin Stanford was killed” said Edwards. “It is important that we condemn this action by getting out and making sure perpetrators are identified and not remaining silent.”

Edwards he is working around the clock to bring justice to families.

As the city returns to normal following the outbreak of COVID-19, he doesn’t want to make gang violence a part of the normal routine as well.

“If a person’s life is lost, by gun violence, gang violence and nothing is done, that means the life didn’t matter,” said Edwards.

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