Dougherty Co. EMS: Fireworks and hand sanitizer not a good combo during COVID-19 pandemic

Dougherty Co. EMS: Fireworks and hand sanitizer not a good combo during COVID-19 pandemic

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Fireworks and hand sanitizer is a combination that can lead to injures this Fourth of July — something that’s concerning Dougherty County EMS during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“That is a very good point because that’s one of the key things that I’m concerned about,” said Sam Allen, EMS director. “People that are purchasing hand sanitizer, it is very flammable. Whether it’s a liquid or a gel, you don’t want to be around anything that has a spark or ignition.”

There is no one hand sanitizer that is safer over another.

The best precaution is simply soap and water.

“Make sure that they don’t have any hand sanitizer from an hour or so ago. Make sure that you’re completely clean. Good. soapy water, wash at least two minutes into the sink to make sure that you got it all off,” said Allen.

Allen also said to remember social distancing.

When you’re watching the fireworks, Allen pointed out, make sure you’re at least 15 feet away from the person igniting the fireworks. This is to keep everyone safe from the fireworks and the spread of COVID-19.

He added they do see injures on the Fourth of July.

However, luckily, they have seen them decrease over the years.

If you do find yourself hurt over the Fourth of July weekend, Allen said not to hesitate to dial 911.

“So there’s a lot of things that we need to be extra precautious this year because of COVID-19,” Allen said.

Sam Allen, Dougherty County EMS director.
Sam Allen, Dougherty County EMS director. (Source: WALB)

Dougherty County EMS told WALB it’s all hands on deck as people start celebrating the Fourth of July.

They recommend you use a charcoal wand lighter to ignite your fireworks.

Paramedics said this holiday weekend is no time for celebratory gunfire.

“Because when you fire that gun, it may be safe in your direction but a mile or so down the road, you don’t know how far that piece of lead is coming down and if it hits somebody in the head, it could be a critical injury,” Allen said.

Pets and veterans should also be considered during your fireworks festivities, officials said.

Allen said a lot of their calls on the holiday are alcohol-related. He added they often respond to fights started by alcohol.

Allen said it’s important to practice and enforce safety this holiday weekend.

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