Thomas Co. Sheriff’s Office addresses concerns about Meigs crime, response times

Thomas Co. Sheriff’s Office responds after Meigs residents talk crime and response times

MEIGS, Ga. (WALB) - Some people in Meigs are concerned about response times from the Thomas County Sheriff’s Office.

The Meigs Police Department shut down almost one year ago and the Thomas County Sheriff’s Office started patrolling the city.

WALB News 10 received phone calls from residents of Meigs who said they are concerned about crime and the response times when they call for help.

Capt. Steven Jones with the Thomas County Sheriff’s Office believes coverage in Meigs is going well.

“Now we’re back up pretty much full staff here at the sheriff’s office, we’re able to concentrate more on the Meigs area other than just responding to calls,” said Jones.

Jones said they are now able to have more patrols in the area.

The city council decided to close the Meigs Police Department due to a lack of funding.

“The call volume there has been very light,” said Jones.

Jones said most of the crimes they respond to in Miegs are for arguments and disputes.

Capt. Jones said they recently responded to a shooting in Meigs that is still under investigation. He said there isn’t a full-time officer in Meigs right now. However, zone officers are placed throughout the county and an officer can respond to a call quickly.

He said the response times can be between five to 10 minutes, if not sooner.

“We don’t always run lights and sirens to a call, but when you get a call in Meigs and if you’re 10 to 12 minutes out, you’re gonna pick up the pace and that’s what we try to do,” explained Jones. “But distance from Thomas County Jail is the biggest issue we work with.”

Jones said they’re combating that by having officers do reports in their cars using their mobile data terminals. It saves them from having to go back to the station to do reports.

“We’re up there a lot in that area and just because we’re not seen doesn’t mean we’re not close by,” Jones said.

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