My Senior: Tyler Kennedy

My Senior: Tyler Kennedy

AMERICUS, Ga. (WALB) - Our senior of the day comes from Southland Academy.

Tyler Kennedy has played on varsity for the Raiders since 8th grade.

During that time he earned All-Region and All-State honors.

But his love for the game began when he picked up his first bat at 4-years-old.

“Getting to know everybody, I played travel ball, so I got to meet all types of people. You’re playing a game with other people and the thought of winning, you’re winning something. It just always fascinated me,” said Kennedy.

Like all spring sports, the COVID-19 pandemic halted their season.

Until just a few weeks ago, Kennedy told me the team has been holding on to the idea that some variation of the season would return.

“Returning seven players and knowing we have a chance at state, it hurt deep. I know it was looking good between me and the pitchers, at least. We were optimistic, throwing strikes and everything for it to just be cut like that sucked a lot,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy said he felt crushed when he learned the season wouldn’t return.

“It was fun looking back on it. I’m glad it ended like that, I wish it didn’t, but it wasn’t a bad ending winning what we did and playing how we played. It was a good time,” said Kennedy.

Now, he said he’s focusing on the next four years where he’ll play baseball at University of South Carolina Beaufort

“It kind of rejuvenates my want to play, I’m really look forward to it, I can’t wait. I can’t keep still, I’m always ready to be outside and play so, it’s good, it’s fun,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy told me he can’t wait to fulfill his life long dream of playing collegiately and join the Sandsharks this fall.

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