Pruitt Health Sunrise holds family parade

Pruitt Health Sunrise holds family parade

MOULTRIE, Ga. (WALB) - During this pandemic, residents at many assisted living facilities aren't able to have normal contact with their loved ones.

On Thursday morning, residents at Pruitt Health in Moultrie participated in a “family parade.”

Family and first responders rode through Pruitt Health Sunrise in good spirits to see their loved one.

Pruitt Health Sunrise Holds Family Parade
Pruitt Health Sunrise Holds Family Parade (Source: WALB)

Cars lined up early to follow the Moultrie Police Department, as they led the family parade into Pruitt Health Sunrise.

Cars decorated on the outside, saying hello and bringing smiles to friends and family's faces during this difficult time.

Rick Strickland told us he came from Thomasville to see his uncle in the parade.

Rick Kirkland, Attended Parade
Rick Kirkland, Attended Parade (Source: WALB)

“He was very involved in fishing. He loved to fish, so I’ve got my rods in the back for him,” said Strickland.

Since COVID-19, usual contact between residents and visitors has changed to keep everyone safe from the virus.

Strickland said he knew his uncle would be excited to see him in the parade.

“He just loves his family so, it makes him feel good when he comes around,” Strickland told us.

He's hoping to have closer contact with his uncles as soon as possible.

Strickland told us he hopes to join another one of these parades to see his uncle again soon.

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