My Senior: Hurston Waldrep

My Senior: Hurston Waldrep

THOMASVIILLE, Ga. (WALB) - Our senior of the day comes from Thomasville High School.

Hurston Waldrep has been a force for the Bulldog’s baseball program for the past four years.

In his junior season, he was named Region Pitcher of the Year and selected to play for Team Georgia.

He also earned a First-Team All-State honor for pitching. Waldrep also played for the dog’s football team as their kicker in his junior and senior years.

Despite his brief time with football, he earned several awards. He was named First-Team All-State, First-Team All-Region and Region Kicker of the Year.

The Bulldog’s baseball team has won region the past three seasons.

Waldrep was hopeful that they could’ve claimed the region for the fourth year in a row.

That is, until COVID-19 abruptly ended their season.

“You know, thinking about the chances we had to go to state and play deep into the playoffs. And it was just fun being around everyone this season and just how competitive everything was and how dedicated everyone was to what we had going. And to have all of that kind of taken away was tough to deal with,” said Waldrep.

What ended up being their last game was a road game, which Waldrep says makes everything a little more painful.

“This just makes you appreciate the good times that we could do to have more of those good times as a player and team.”He says it surreal looking back on their game against Berrien, not realizing it would be the last time he pitched in a high school game,” said Waldrep.

But the last pitch I remember closing that game and I hit a double that game.

There are just certain things that pop into my head when I think about the last game of the season.

Fortunately for Waldrep, his baseball career doesn’t stop here. This fall he’ll take his baseball talents to the University of Southern Mississippi.

“It’s amazing. I’ve set goals since I was a little kid about playing at the next level and playing in college. With this chapter closing the way it did, it just gives me more time to think about what I have ahead of me. And even though my high school season got taken away from me, I still have something to look forward too,” said Waldrep.

He said having the game ripped away from him this season motivates him to not leave anything on the field moving forward. Waldrep says he’ll likely major in wildlife management at USM.

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