Albany City Commission passes nearly $300 million budget

City employees get pay raise as Albany Commissioners pass almost 300-million dollar budget

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Albany commissioners passed an almost $300 million 2021 FY budget that gives pay raises to many employees.

The overall budget approved comes out to $289 million.

The Albany Police Department is getting one of the bigger chunks of that money, getting a 6 percent increase in pay.

“And this is during difficult financial times, but from a broader standpoint, we live in a city with a stagnant tax base and declining population. So we’re gonna have to do something drastic,” said Albany Mayor Bo Dorough.

All city employees will also get a 2.5 percent cost of living raise, which doesn’t include managers or department heads. They said they are now looking at giving other departments raises.

Sharon Subadan will also remain as the Albany city manager. The decision came during Tuesday night’s commission meeting. All commissioners voted yes to keep Subadan another two years.

“In our assessment moving forward, I think what we can do as Commissioner Warbington said, is help her know where she stands and help her know exactly where her expectations are,” said Commissioner Demetrius Young.

Commissioner Warbington said he’d like to see a formal performance evaluation done. Commissioners said this would set up guidelines for what they expect from Subadan. They said they hope to see that within the next 30 days. Her contract will now end in January 2022. She became the city manager five years ago.

Commissioners said she started her role as the city manager five years ago.

Masks were also on the Albany City Commission’s Tuesday night agenda.

They decided to continue enforcing people to wear masks in public. They said they wanted to align with Governor Brian Kemp’s orders.

Wearing a mask will be mandatory while inside government buildings along with practicing social distancing.

Commissioners said they support business’ rules and regulations on wearing masks inside their establishments.

They believe masks are working in keeping COVID-19 numbers down.

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