Plans in place to make Coffee Co. Schools as safe as possible

School system also has plans for returning to school amid pandemic

Plans in place to make Coffee Co. Schools as safe as possible

DOUGLAS, Ga. (WALB) - A South Georgia school system is working to make sure all students feel safe to go to school, no matter their race.

Coffee County Schools Superintendent Dr. Morris Leis wrote a statement for parents and students about the upcoming school year.

It said staff have worked on plans for minority recruitment.

It said teaching staff should reflect the diversity they have in the community.

Leis said they want to make sure boys and girls feel loved and good about being in school.

The note even said the school system provided professional learning on racial diversity and sensitivity training.

Dr. Morris Leis, Coffee County Schools superintendent.
Dr. Morris Leis, Coffee County Schools superintendent. (Source: WALB)

“An environment where I think our students need stability of school. They need to have caring adults that care about them, reassure them and that teach them. And that we provide a safe environment for our young people because I think they really need that now,” said Leis.

Leis said in his note, the 2019 graduation rate indicates Black students had the highest graduation rate among all groups.

He said while this shows a positive trend in achievement, “I know we must do better.”

Coffee Co. virtual schooling proposal

The Coffee County School System also has three potential plans ready to go for the upcoming school year.

Leis said they’re prepared to have kids back in the classroom for in-person learning.

But they do have three potential plans, in case the state decides students will continue virtual learning.

Leis said administration has already met three times this summer to prepare for different scenarios they may face.

If students have to do virtual learning, there’s a plan to make sure students have needed technology and meals.

“The No. 1 focus is student safety and making sure we can get students back in school. That’s really been our focus. We believe our students need to be back in school, need to be with teachers, and need to be learning. So that’s our focus,” said Leis.

Leis said they also already planned for in-person learning.

As well as a hybrid of both in-person and virtual learning.

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