Hugh Mills Stadium has bright future

Hugh Mills Stadium has bright future

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Albany’s nearly 90-year-old high school sports stadium is making some very bright improvements.

New LED lights and stands to hold them are going up this week at Hugh Mills Stadium in Albany.

The community is hoping there will be a high school football season this year to play at Hugh Mills Stadium.

The stadium was first built in the 1930s and upgrades have kept it modern, however, this is the biggest light upgrade since around 1970.

It hosts state track meets and multiple football games each week.

The LED lights will be a big technology improvement.

“Number one, They are going to be more energy efficient when it comes to electrical bills. Secondly, it’s giving the stadium more visibility, down on the field brightness, and also in and around the stadium. The LED light is a little brighter than the halogen lights that have been in here all these years,” said Johnny Seabrooks, the secretary of the Dougherty County Stadium Authority.

Johnny Seabrooks
Johnny Seabrooks (Source: WALB)

The light project will cost about $400,000 and will be paid through SPLOST tax funds, the Dougherty County School System and the stadium authority.

The question now is, will there be a high school football season to light up.

“Hopefully and prayerfully, we will have a season and get the coaches and all the student-athletes back on the field and doing something they love to do,” said Seabrooks.

The completion date for the new LED lights installation is August 1, the week that high school football scrimmages are scheduled to kick off.

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