Sylvester City Council votes to add Sunday alcohol sales to November ballot

Sylvester City Council votes to add Sunday alcohol sales to November ballot

SYLVESTER, Ga. (WALB) - Sunday alcohol sales could be on the way to Sylvester.

On Monday night, Sylvester City Council members voted to place it on the ballot for November.

“Let it go to the voters to decide whether they wanna have Sunday sales,” said Mayor Pro Tem Larry Johnson.

Larry Johnson
Larry Johnson (Source: WALB)

This would be for both individual drinks at an establishment and package sales at a store.

Johnson said it would be sold in the afternoons according to state law. He said if it passes it will make Sylvester more competitive with surrounding areas.

Johnson also said it could even make Sylvester more appealing for industries looking for a place to set up shop and build.

“So we want to be able to compete with those surrounding counties and be able to recoup that revenue also," said Johnson.

Several surrounding counties and cities already have similar laws including Albany.

Johnson said if it passed, it would keep people in Sylvester and not driving to spend their dollars elsewhere.

"They’re gonna get it either way it goes, whether we provide it for them or not,” said Johnson.

Michael Hufstetler is one of many restaurant owners in Sylvester and he said he is in favor of selling alcohol on Sunday as he gears up to open his second restaurant in the city.

“It’s gonna keep the money in the city,” said Hufstetler. “I think it’s great. I think that’s gonna keep business from going out of town.”

Sylvester residents will make their decision when they vote in November.

More from the Sylvester City Council meeting:

More from the Sylvester City Council meeting:

Also on Monday night, council members looked ahead to the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, or SPLOST VII.

Sylvester leaders are looking to make improvements to facilities across the city but residents will have to vote to continue an extra one penny sales tax.

City officials are hoping to build new buildings with your help and with SPLOST VII tax funds.

Leaders said they already have some ideas on what they’d like parts of the SPLOST funds spent on.

"Actually, we need a new jail. We’re looking at maybe a new governmental building for the city, recreation, something like a Y (YMCA),” said Johnson.

Johnson said he’d like to see more recreational work done like adding a gym.

Voters will have a chance to decide if they want SPLOST VII in November.

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