Dougherty Trojans are extra cautious as they phase into their football season

Dougherty Trojans are extra cautious as they phase into their football season
Dougherty Trojans implement additional safety guidelines as conditioning restarts (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The Dougherty Trojans are stepping back onto the field this week, for the first since mid-March.

Albany was a hotspot for Coronavirus, so they're taking extra safety precautions.

The Dougherty County School District is only allowing groups of 15 people to work out at a time, despite the GHSA allowing groups of 25, due to COVID-19 concerns in the area.

Head Coach Johnny Gilbert said this additional restriction is playing to their advantage.

“Now we’re able to get more out of our kids, because we have small groups. And you know how it is in education when you got small groups you feel like you can teach more. So, I think our guys are getting a lot out of these small groups and I think it’s working to our advantage,” said Gilbert.

Another restriction the Trojans are working around is not being to utilize their weight room.

Gilbert tells me he understands the district’s decision and said it’s more important for them to focus on the fundamentals at this time.

“I think we’re doing the best that we can do. After two days, I’m excited and I think we’re getting a lot done. Which is good for us,” said Gilbert.

With the start of the season just a few months away, Gilbert said they’re excited to be back on the field working as a team.

“We did a lot of Zoom meetings and just a lot of stuff on the computer. But, to be able to get out and do the physical work is very important, because those are the things we’re going to have to take to the field in August when we get started. Because we’re not going to be playing any games on the computer,” said Gilbert.

Gilbert said he anticipates guidelines to change in phase two, which will happen after Dead Period in July.

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