Florida State football team hosts Unity Walk with Tallahassee community

FSU football program leads Unity Walk

TALLAHASSEE, Ga. (WALB) - The march for Black Lives Matter continues across the nation.

The Florida State University football team came together to be a part of the movement as they led a Unity Walk with the Tallahassee community.

Saturday, FSU players went out into the community and used their voices to spread powerful messages about the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I learned that I actually do have a voice. I didn’t know that I had a voice, but just seeing how many people showed up and supported us. It’s amazing,” said Cory Durden, a defensive tackle for the Seminoles.

He brought the idea of hosting a unity walk to Head Coach Mike Norvell.

Shortly after, the team came together to organize this march.

Durden said he hopes this will create positive change and people will begin to see them for who they are.

“Every other day of the week, other than Saturday, we’re doing normal people stuff. So, I want people to look at us as regular human beings," said Durden.

“I hope that the message that comes out is that we all stand as one. We’re not just regular athletes, we’re coming together to do something about it and show that we care,” said Jalen Gross, offensive lineman.

Marvin Wilson, a senior defensive tackle, said this walk was immensely beneficial for the team.

“It helps us build a love for each other even more than just being out there, working out together, and stuff like that. Being able to take different political stances and social justice, different things like that. I think we’re growing more as people,” said Wilson.

Those who took part in the unity walk started at the Unconquered Statue on Florida State’s campus and ended at the capitol building.

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