Ga. film, tv projects to hire thousands of production workers

Gov. Kemp: 75 production projects will invest over $2 billion into state’s economy

Ga. film, tv projects to hire thousands of production workers

ATLANTA (WALB) - Gov. Brian Kemp announced Friday that a major investment is coming to the film and television business in the Peach State.

An estimated 40,000 production workers will be employed on around 75 production projects.

Vans Stevenson, the senior vice president for the Motion Picture Association of America, said companies like Disney, NBC Universal, Netflix, Sony, Paramount Pictures and Warner Brothers are excited to get back to work in Georgia. Which is good news for the Georgia economy.

These projects are expected to invest over $2 billion into the state’s economy during the next 18 months, according to Kemp's office.

The plan also includes purchasing goods and services from over 17,000 small Georgia businesses, Kemp’s office reported.

“Over the next 18 months, invest $2 billion, a lot of business vendors in Georgia estimate somewhere around 17, 000 small businesses in Georgia will benefit. Probably most significantly is 40,000 production workers will come back to work,” said Stevenson.

Stevenson said Georgia had already become a home for the entertainment industry over the last decade.

He said those production companies lost 90 days to the coronavirus and with Georgia being the first state to reopen for the industry, many need to start as soon as possible.

“The entertainment production industry is coming back and ready to jumpstart the Georgia economy by creating jobs and generating greatly needed investment and spending in communities across the Peach State,” said Kemp.

Kemp’s office said this comes after best practices for film and television studios amid the COVID-19 pandemic was provided by the Georgia Film Office.

“Absolutely. We have a pipeline to fill with theaters. There are a number of new streaming websites that are coming online as well as those that were introduced right after the first of the year. And there’s a lot of pent up demand by the public for new products to see,” said Stevenson.

In 2019 391 films and television productions filmed in Georgia, supporting more than 3,000 industry businesses.

“Production companies want to be in Georgia and create tens of thousands of jobs for workers across the state, and today’s announcement is welcome news as we continue safely reopening our state,” said Kemp. "I thank the Georgia Film Office for their work during the pandemic, and I thank the production companies who always vowed to return to Georgia when the time was right for them to safely get back to work.”

Kemp also recognized Georgia’s film industry workforce, which has used talents off the set to provide pandemic-related critical help and resources to essential businesses and workers.

“Georgia is ready once again to resume the state’s thriving movie, TV and streaming production industry,” said Charles Rivkin, Motion Picture Association chairman and CEO. “The terrific collaboration between the Georgia Film Office, local studios, production companies and industry stakeholders to create these important guidelines will ensure a safe return to work for Georgians in our industry and play an important role in helping restart Georgia’s economy.”

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