GA Secretary of State Office offers tips to follow to secure your vote

GA Secretary of State Office offers tips to follow to secure your vote

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Many voters are asking questions about absentee ballots.

Several of you emailed WALB News 10 saying you didn’t get one and have some questions.

The Georgia Secretary of State Office (SOS) told us as of two weeks before Election Day, 96 percent of Georgia absentee ballots reached voters who requested them. They said the other four percent had not been delivered yet.

While officials said they had that data two weeks ago, officials said they could provide more accurate data on the possibilities of any errors on Friday.

However, voters can make common mistakes that lead to them not getting an absentee ballot.

Some of those include forgetting to sign the back of the ballot or providing incorrect contact information.

Also, your county is supposed to contact you if your absentee ballot has been rejected, an SOS officials told us.

So voters should make sure they have your correct contact information.

There is a handy website that can help to make sure your application is in.

The Secretary Of State’s MVP site lets you know about your mail in applications, ballot status, poll locations and more. It also lets you know if your ballot has been accepted or rejected for any reason as well as if your request for an absentee ballot has been received.

If something doesn’t look right on the site, you can contact your county elections office.

The Georgia Secretary of State Office said counties carry most of the responsibility when it comes to making sure you get your ballot.

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