National pollster surveys GA District 13 Senate race

John Garst, president of Rosetta Stone Communications
John Garst, president of Rosetta Stone Communications(WALB)
Updated: Jun. 8, 2020 at 7:17 AM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Thousands of people will be heading to the polls on Election Tuesday, June 9th.

WALB New’s 10 spoke with a Rosetta Stone pollster about the District 13 Senate race.

“This campaign is interesting because pits an incumbent senator at least a well-known challenger from a larger county the incumbent senator who as you know was only elected in March this year and only served a couple of legislative days before the coronavirus shut down the legislative session,” said President of Rosetta Stone Communication John Garst.

Garst says many people have already voted early.
Garst says many people have already voted early.(WALB)

Garst said his election is interesting because of the amount of statewide attention it has received.

“The biggest red flag that caught our attention is the amount of attention that was being paid to this race by the leadership of the Georgia state senate,” said Garst.

Incumbent Carden Summers and Spud Bowen are running in the Republican primary for Georgia State Senate District 13 and Mary Egler and Ruenett Melton are running in the Democratic primary.

The state of Georgia has 56 senators and he says this race is very important due to the fact that this senate seat has 9 counties in Southwest Georgia and is a big part of the leadership of South Georgia.

"It is a big part in the county delegations which makes up all of those respective counties which set policy and enable the counties and the communities to draw down funds for the state,” said Garst.

Garst wants people to know that it is likely that half of the voters have voted early or by absentee ballot and the numbers on election day may not see very much voter progress in this race.

"Late movement isn’t likely when you have nearly half the vote cast. For those voters who have not cast their vote it is a very confusing campaign, charges are being thrown back and forth people don’t know what to believe and people don’t know what parse out,” said Garst.

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