Massachusetts police officer joins boy to play basketball

WORCESTER, Mass. (WBZ/CNN) - A Massachusetts police officer noticed a boy shooting some hoops and offered to play a one-on-one game with him, sparking a friendly rivalry.

Mekhi Louissant absolutely loves basketball and was playing around when James Conway, a Massachusetts police officer, stopped and asked if he could join in.

Mekhi’s mom recorded their game as a sign of unity, something she says the world needs right now.

“I felt like the world really needs to see some love right now. They really need to see some unity right now,” Echo Louissant, Mekhi’s mother, said.

This simple act of kindness is bringing the community closer together, one basket at a time.

“If I can make somebody’s day a little more positive and he can make my day a little more positive, I think we’re both winning at that point," Conway said.

The friendly game of pick-up basketball will likely continue. Conway has already told Mekhi that he plans to come back.

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