VSU students demand action following social media post

VSU students demand action following social media post

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - Valdosta State University (VSU) students are outraged after another student made an offensive post on social media.

Students are now demanding action and want VSU to expel the student responsible for the post.

“It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. I don’t care, ‘I was playing with my friends.’ Senseless bigotry is worse than anything, worse than racial slurs. You know better, you were taught better. If not, then what are you doing at Valdosta State? There is nothing on that post that says hail red and black. That post says ‘Am I black now,’ you are making fun and picking at the pigmentation of my skin,” said DJ Johnson, the president of VSU’s Sociology and Anthropology Club.

More than 3,000 people have signed a petition in hopes that Valdosta State University officials expel the student who made a racist post on social media.

Randisha Hook, a student at VSU, said the picture began to circulate on a student forum on June 1.

“I want the university to acknowledge how hurtful it is, not just write a fluffy email, but to actually acknowledge it and stand up for students of color, as well as other students. Our allies were completely offended by it as well,” said Hook.

The picture shows a man’s face painted black and the caption, “Am I black now?” We decided not to show the picture since we haven’t been able to confirm the student’s identity. School officials are not releasing or confirming the name of the student.

Students said they tried to reach out to him on social media but it appears all accounts have been deleted.

Davis said it’s disheartening that a student from this university will partake in such hatred.

“We have to take a stand, we should not just try to brush this under the rug. we must take a stand that when we see bigotry, we must act immediately,” said Johnson.

The school released a statement saying it does not condone this behavior and that the student affairs leadership team will meet to thoroughly review the incident and discuss and determine the next course of action.

The school also hosted an online forum to discuss the current events but it was closed off to students. Space was also limited, only about 175 students were able to join.

Students want the man in the picture to be held accountable. They want action, not just words from the university.

VSU students are also asking for the school to put in place a harassment policy that addresses racism and outlines disciplinary actions in the case that this incident occurs again.

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