People call for violence to end after woman shot multiple times in Bainbridge

Published: Jun. 4, 2020 at 7:22 PM EDT
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BAINBRIDGE, Ga. (WALB) - Bainbridge Investigators are still looking into a shooting that sent a young woman to the hospital.

According to Bainbridge Public Safety, officers received a call late one Thursday night. Once they arrived on the scene, they discovered a 17-year-old shot multiple times.

Reese Stephenson told us she’s still in recovery after being shot five times the night of May 21.

We spoke with neighbors about how they feel knowing this happened right down the street.

“Because this the street I lived on and because I don’t like violence on this street,” said Louis Thomas, who’s lived on Carter Street for 40 years.

He told us he remembers the night Bainbridge police answered the call regarding the shooting.

Louis Thomas, Bainbridge Resident
Louis Thomas, Bainbridge Resident(Source: WALB)

“Me and my cousin were sitting out here and watching the police go down the highway. Therefore, we went down there to see what was really going on, because we have a friend that stays down there," said Thomas.

Thomas said with the death of a man in police custody sparking riots and violence across the nation, and now a shooting so close to home, he’s tired of the violence everywhere.

“In Decatur County, we haven’t had this violence, so why start violence now? We don’t need that here,” said Thomas.

Shawn Knight lives on the same side of town where the shooting happened.

Shawn Knight, Bainbridge Resident
Shawn Knight, Bainbridge Resident(Source: WALB)

He said he’s ready to see change in the area and the community needs to come together.

“Bainbridge hasn’t ever really been like that. We haven’t ever really had to worry about violence like that. We gotta do better man," said Knight.

“Whoever shot that girl or liked to killed her...that’s wrong. Very wrong,” said Thomas.

If you have any information on the shooting, you can call Bainbridge Public Safety at (229) 248-2038.

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