District 153 State Rep. CaMia Hopson speaks about upcoming election

District 153 State Representative, CaMia Hopson, speaks about upcoming election

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - CaMia Hopson is hoping to be re-elected for a second term as state representative for the District 153 seat.

“I am fighting every single day and trying to make sure that I am doing everything that is needed in the district to make sure we get the funding that we need to ensure that we get the policy in place that will help our entire community cause it is so needed," said Hopson.

Hopson said there is still much to do in this year’s legislative session. She is hoping the House Hate Crime Bill 426 will be passed.

“That is only a small win but it is still a win, and we want to make some additional changes, we need policing reforms, we need our police officers trained better, we need to ensure that they are mentally stable and getting good policing policies in place,” said Hopson.

CaMia Hopson is a mother of four.
CaMia Hopson is a mother of four. (Source: WALB)

The mother of four, who works as a cybersecurity analyst for the Department of Defense, wants everyone to get out and exercise their right to vote.

Many have also told Hopson of their issues voting early through absentee ballots.

“I have been letting them know that if they have not received their ballot, then they need to go ahead and try to early vote if possible and if they cannot get too early voting before it ends on Friday, then they need to go ahead and go on Tuesday, June 9th,” said Hopson.

Hopson wants people to know she is working on getting Medicaid for all Georgians and working on a budget that will fit the needs of all working Americans. She says the state could face a four billion dollar shortfall.

“We have got to come up with creative ways to make sure that it does not continue to hurt our service organizations that are servicing our healthcare system, that is servicing our agencies of people who are suffering from mental illness, helping our education system, those are important things that serve people every day,” said Hopson.

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