Clinch Memorial evacuates due to chemical spill

Clinch Memorial evacuates due to chemical spill
Chemical Spill (Source: WALB)

HOMERVILLE, Ga. (WALB) - Clinch Memorial Hospital’s (CMH) was evacuated Tuesday morning because of a chemical spill.

Hospital administration was notified of a chemical spill on Highway 84, less than a quarter-mile radius from its facility.

A press release from the hospital states administrators immediately began making plans to evacuate the facility.

Clinch Memorial Hospital
Clinch Memorial Hospital (Source: CMH)

CMH will be using the open area beside the facility as an airfield to evacuate patients.

Patients will be transferred to Miller County Hospital, St. Vincent’s, and Memorial Satilla Health for a 24-48 hour period and discharging other patients that are able to be discharged, according to the hospital.

Once patients are evacuated, the hospital, including the emergency room, will be closed until the area is deemed safe by a HAZMAT response team.

The chemical spill includes hydrochloric acid, which is considered to be toxic by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The hospital said it is unclear how long the cleanup process will take, and CMH administrators are encouraging people to stay away from the area until further notice.

“In this situation where there is so much unknown, we must evacuate our patients,” Angela Ammons, hospital CEO, said. “Our priority is always the safety of our patients and staff.”

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