Tift Regional given the green light to resume elective surgeries

Tift Regional given the green light to resume elective surgeries

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - For months, the coronavirus pandemic forced hospitals, like Tift Regional, to delay elective surgeries as doctors turned their attention to treating COVID-19 patients. But now elective procedures are now reopened at the Tifton hospital system.

“We have been opening in a phase approach a step at a time and are now fully reopened as of May 20,” said Justin Beck the vice president and chief strategy and innovation officer for Tift Regional.

Justin Beck, VP Chief Innovation and Strategy
Justin Beck, VP Chief Innovation and Strategy (Source: WALB)

Beck said they are working through a backlog of cases for nearly two months of postponements caused by the pandemic.

“There has been a backlog of patients that had been waiting to get services done until we opened and we have definitely been taking those and we have also seen others willing to come in for the elective surgeries that they need and want to get done,” said Beck.

Many are wondering what type of surgeries will be at the top of the list.

“There are areas of levels of types of surgeries and some might be overseeing if there is an emergent type and there are the ones that need to be done pretty quickly," said Beck. "If we are putting in a pacemaker or something that helps you be healthier, then there are more elective ones.”

Beck is asking those who need urgent care to come to the hospital because there could be serious complications if they delay their care any longer.

“I think the response has been positive for people to come, we would always be concerned that people would have it in their mind to not come and so we are pleased to see the response. We have certainly done all we can to make this a safe place,” said Beck.

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