Peaceful protest against killing of George Floyd held in Albany

Peaceful protest against killing of George Floyd underway in Albany

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Protests are happening nationwide days after a Minneapolis police officer was arrested and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter of George Floyd.

Many demonstrators joined forces to voice their concerns to law enforcement for justice in Albany Saturday afternoon.

“We want law enforcement to take into consideration that all men are created equal. Everyone deserves to be treated with some level of respect and as you see, this is not just the African American community. We have a diverse community out here,” said Protestor Anthony Branch.

Many demonstrators took to the streets of Albany voicing their concerns. Hear Q&A session from APD and the protestors. Coming up at 6, I’ll have an update on the peaceful protest going on right now in Albany.

Posted by Georgia McCarthur WALB on Saturday, May 30, 2020

Organizers said the purpose of the peaceful protest was to show solidarity and that the community stands with seeking justice for the killing of Floyd in Minneapolis, Minn. on May 25.

“I am tired of seeing cops get away with things like this. If it had been me or you that would have killed somebody, we would have been in jail the exact same day,” said Protestor Justin Seidenfaden.

Albany protest for George Floyd.
Albany protest for George Floyd. (Source: WALB)

“Because we don’t need another incident, we don’t need any more deaths that occurred that never should have occurred and if there is a culture in any department and especially in my department that is not right and not conducive to the community, then yes, it is my job as the chief to change it,” said APD Chief Michael Persley.

Chief Persley said he is troubled by the recent events of law enforcement nationwide. He expressed his frustration and commitment in response to George Floyd’s death. However, he urges people to not take matters in their own hands.

There also was a conscious effort by those demonstrating to ensure everything stays peaceful.

Community members of different races, ages, and genders were there to show support with signs.

The Albany Police Department assisted with passing out water for the protesters, along with support from the Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office, Albany Fire Department, Coroner Michael Fowler, and city and county leaders.

Group praying at Albany protest
Group praying at Albany protest (Source: WALB)

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