Field of Crosses honors servicemen and women who died in combat

Field of Crosses to remember servicemen and women who died in combat

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - A field of crosses was erected in Albany for Memorial Day, with 146 white crosses standing for each serviceman and woman who died during combat.

“Let the flowers on your graves be watered by a rain that comes from the tears of a grateful nation,” read a memorial in the Field of Crosses.

“In this case, somebody who served and gave his life serving. You know. This is a very, very special cross here,” said Cmdr. Dr. Daniel Brewer with American Legion Post 30.

Dr. Dan Brewer, American Legion Post 30 commander.
Dr. Dan Brewer, American Legion Post 30 commander. (Source: WALB)

Standing in the Field of Crosses, Brewer looked over one of the 146 crosses standing on Memorial Day, one for each serviceman and woman in Albany-Dougherty and Lee County who lost their lives in combat.

The Field of Crosses in Albany.
The Field of Crosses in Albany. (Source: WALB)

One of the crosses showcased a fallen serviceman who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

“It’s the highest award this country gives to someone who served above and beyond the call of duty," said Dr. Brewer.

A cross erected for every service personnel who died from World War I, to the present.

“When you’ve spent as much time in combat, you get some flashbacks of pretty bad days but you know it goes with the territory,” said Brewer.

Brewer served 34 years in the military, including four combat tours and one-third of his career was spent overseas.

On Monday, he reflected on each life lost over the years in a field he devoted so much of his life.

“Those who gave their life, I mean, we have our freedoms today because of those who were willing to stand up for a principle that was important enough to give their life for our country,” said Brewer.

Line by line, row by row, a Field of Crosses erected for a grateful nation today.

“Freedom isn’t free, there are those who paid and those who gave it all,” said Brewer.

The Field of Crosses is set up behind Burlington Coat Factory by the Albany Mall. The American Legion Post has put flags out across Albany, as well.

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