Police: Card skimmers found at Dougherty Co. gas pumps

DCPD: Around 5 victims in DOCO convenient store scam

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Scammers are trying to steal your credit card information at a Dougherty County gas pump.

Big E’s Country Store on Cordele Road was the target of a recent scam.

The Dougherty County Police Department (DCP) is working to catch the crooks doing it after officers got involved on May 19 when the store reached out to the department.

”They had received some complaints over the past several months of extra credit card information being shown up on people’s credit card statements,” said Sgt. David Flick with DCP.

Sgt. David Flick with DCP
Sgt. David Flick with DCP (Source: WALB)

The electronic device was hidden from the naked eye and was discovered on the inside of pumps by the store’s district manager.

Flick said right now there appears to have been four or five victims.

Officials with the store said customers should feel safe at their pumps and said custom-made locks will be put on the pump doors soon. They said they are being proactive to avoid this from happening to future customers.

Flick said these types of scams seem to happen more at rural stores but can happen anywhere.

“The last one we had was approximately six months ago,” said Sgt. Flick.

There is nothing visible on the pump to let you know a skimmer device is inside. However, there are ways to avoid being a victim.

“Pull on the machine itself. If it feels loose or if it feels like it could slide out, I wouldn’t put my credit card or debit card inside the machine just as a safety precaution,” said Flick.

If you don’t feel comfortable paying at the pump, you can pay inside, Flick advised.

Big E officials said their clerks are always monitoring the pumps. They recommend you use pumps that clerks can see from inside the store.

Flick recommended letting your financial institution know when you’re traveling and also, consistently check your statements for suspicious transactions.

“If you’ve used any of the gas stations in the Dougherty County area such as Big E’s Country Store and you’ve noticed any suspicious activity or if you’ve noticed any suspicious charges on your credit card statements, do please contact the Doughtery County Police Department,” said Flick.

Dougherty County police are working with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations and the US Secret Service in this investigation.

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