Nursing students overcome obstacles during pandemic

Nursing students overcome obstacles during pandemic

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WALB) - Nursing students from all over Southwest Georgia received a 100 percent pass rate on one of their most important final exams.

For nursing students, the Final Health Education Systems Incorporated (HESI Exam) carries a huge weight.

As Casey Jones said, working as a nurse and in school through this pandemic was more personal for him.

Casey Jones, Nursing Graduate
Casey Jones, Nursing Graduate (Source: WALB)

“I’ve recently recovered from COVID-19 myself, so I now have a personal insight into just how grueling this infection can be," said Jones.

Now a nursing school graduate, Jones earned the highest score on his HESI exam.

Though the program had its challenges, he told us the pandemic highlighted the importance of his career choice.

“I’m confident nursing care is crucial to ease the suffering of those affected while also providing the opportunity for more immediate recoveries,” said Jones.

“Health care is an ever-moving target, and this has just made that target move a little bit faster for a bit,” said Jacob Brinson, who also graduated this spring after finishing his last semester pursuing a nursing degree during the pandemic.

It's something he says changed the face of health care.

Jacob Brinson, Nursing Graduate
Jacob Brinson, Nursing Graduate (Source: WALB)

“You’re not always able to be 100 percent prepared for every single thing that can always come your way. It makes it even more important to have a firm foundation on which your education is built," said Brinson.

With all they've learned during this troubling time for everyone, for these students, overcoming the obstacles was still a great experience.

“For all of us to come through the program, and all of us to pass on the first time is such a big deal,” Brinson told us.

“I’ve learned so much. Not only about nursing, but what I’m personally capable of," said Jones.

This HESI Exam accurately depicts how they'll do on the next exam to receive their license.

Both Jones and Brinson said their struggles to get their degree have definitely been worth it.

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