LifeSouth struggling with blood shortage, seeks donors

LifeSouth struggling with blood shortage, seeks donors

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) -Starting Friday, when you donate blood at LifeSouth, you will automatically be screened for antibodies.

Donors will get results within about five days via email.

In the last few months, officials tell us blood supply has really slowed down since businesses, churches and other locations have been closed. Blood drives have been canceled.

LifeSouth supplies 100 percent of its blood to South Georgia Medical Center. They are the local blood center for the community.

“People have had to delay their elective surgeries for the last couple of months so if there is a shortage of blood in the community, then they’ll be asked to continue to delay those elective surgeries. For some people elective is not really an elective surgery, it’s a surgery that they do need to have and it may have set back their healing, if not they haven’t been able to have it in the last couple of months,” said Laura Bialeck, community development coordinator at LifeSouth.

With elective surgeries back on the table, blood supply needs to return to normal or even more on-demand since everything was backed up.

LifeSouth urges the importance of having enough blood supply in the hospital because you never know when they are going to need it. Every two to three seconds, someone in the U.S. needs a blood transfusion.

They hope with antibody screening included, blood donations will increase.

LifeSouth officials assure that they are following safety protocols at the blood donation facilities, and it’s a safe environment for donors.

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