Chehaw to have summer camps

Chehaw to have summer camps
Chehaw will have summer camps. (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Summer camps at Chehaw will start in late June.

Special guidelines will be in place to ensure all kids are safe.

Director of Education Jackie Entz said she’s excited to be able to see all the kids this summer.

“One of the benefits of being out at Chehaw is that we have so much outdoor space so our campers are going to be able to utilize that outdoor space and we will keep them distanced," said Entz.

Entz also said when students go inside the buildings, each group will have their own indoor space.

“Which means five and six-year-olds cannot go into the seven and eight-year-olds’ space. Each group has their own indoor space, their own set of supplies and when we are indoor, obviously, we will space as much as possible but also wear masks so everybody can stay safe," said Entz.

She says Chehaw will ask the children health-related questions every day before they check-in.

They will also take their temperature.

Entz hopes parents will sign their kids up for the camps.

“Camp is an important part of any normal year and any normal summer because kids get a chance to interact with children they may not see in school. It is a little bit more loosely structured, but it also helps to prevent that brain drain that happens during the summer because during camp we are still doing educational activities," said Entz.

For a full list of summer camps, see below:

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