SGMC gives update on medical trial for COVID-19 patients

SGMC gives update on medical trial for COVID-19 patients

Convalescent plasma was used in this trial to treat COVID-19 patients who wanted to enroll. That’s plasma with antibodies from a recovered patient.

At the beginning of the trial, there were three enrolled patients. Two were relatively ill and one was in critical condition. Dr. Brian Dawson tells us those three patients have fully recovered.

“Our first patients who were our sickest received the treatments. After about five to six days later, he started to drastically improve. And he became much better. He was discharged home in about eight days,” said Dr. Dawson, Chief Nursing Officer at SGMC.

That patient is now at home and seeing his physician. Dr. Dawson says the physician tells him that patient is practically virus-free.

The patient’s reaction to the trial becomes visible, depending on the patient. It usually takes about five to seven days.

Officials want to remind you how important it is to donate blood if you had COVID-19. One donation can treat two to three sick patients.

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